We founded our agency to create a better, more beautiful digital world


Our team loves the work we do. That passion, along with the incredible missions of our clients, drives us day in and day out to create digital projects that touch people’s lives. Our team is charming, craves challenges, and frankly, we expect to forge a bond with you for many years to come.

Trevor Collins

Trevor Collins

CEO & Creative Director

Trevor is the visionary CEO and Creative Director of 100 Danish.

After spearheading the conversion optimization arm of a fast-growing marketing agency, Trevor co-founded 100 Danish with his great friend Joey Orlando. As the agency’s Creative Director, he works closely with brands & entrepreneurs to create digital products that inspire action.

Trevor is passionate about digital, people, and leaving a mark on the world. Formerly a mechanical engineer, he leverages his rigorous background to methodically break down digital challenges and uncover beautifully intuitive solutions. On the marketing side of 100 Danish, he is fortunate to lead an exceptional team of engineers in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Bryan Runtu

Bryan Runtu

Lead UI Designer

Bryan provides end-to-end design solutions, from brainstorms and wireframes, to prototypes and production-ready assets that support product development. Bryan follows the principles of user-centered design and executes with clearly defined goals and metrics in mind. He is passionate about innovation and thrives in creative environments.

Core values

Our values weave into everything we do. Learned and refined over a number of years, these principles guide our team to produce extraordinary results

Boundless Creativity

We believe creativity is the most powerful force in the universe. We constantly push ourselves to solve problems better by harnessing, focusing, and exercising this muscle.

Radical Candor

Being candid is not always easy, but our team believes it’s the only way to build high-trust relationships over time. You can expect our conversations to be real and constructive.

Thoughtful Consideration

The secret of great product and relationships lies in the details. Every task we undertake will be thoughtfully considered, so what we deliver is better than what you initially imagined.

Complete Ownership

We see our clients as true partners. This means our team members hold themselves to a high standard of ownership for every project. We’ll make decisions as if we’re vested owners.