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Sales and new customers are the goal behind any marketing campaign. Our premium SEO services are custom-built to amplify your sales process and growth.

  • Data-driven approach
  • Tailor-made solutions for your business and industry
  • Latest technologies
  • Penalty recovery services
  • Big data analysis tools

Our Approach

Market research

By analyzing your business and the market, we can better understand what drives your customers and where to find them.

Keyword research

Using state-of-the-art tools and years of experience, we identify the top keywords in your industry. We don’t just look for keywords with great search volume but also consider the competition and buyer intent to ensure maximum ROI for the campaign.

Technical SEO audit

Websites have a lot of factors that can be seen by search crawlers. With a technical SEO audit, we make sure that there are no hidden problems that can affect the campaign. Sometimes just these fixes will already bring an increase in rankings and organic traffic.

Website architecture optimization

The structure and internal linking on your website affect both SEO and user experience. We will optimize for both.

Content optimization

Content is king. We will optimize the content on your webpages for the search engines and your visitors.

Structured metadata

Structured metadata is invisible for humans but picked up by search engines to better understand a webpage. We create specific snippets to increase ranking and have a better chance at rich search results.

Industry citations

Featuring your business on authoritative websites improves SEO and also brings additional visitors. We select only the most trustworthy industry directories and trade associations.

Social media optimizations

Social media help you reach customers but are also very helpful for SEO. All your profiles are pointing to your website, and we make sure they are helping as much as possible.

Link outreach

Links are like a double-edged sword. Use them correctly, and your rankings increase, use them the wrong way, and get penalized. Our process for attracting links has been refined over many years. It allows us to generate safe and reliable results for our clients.

Keyword ranking reports

We track your website’s search rankings from the start of the campaign. Every week you will receive a report so you can clearly follow the progress.

Monthly update meetings

During the monthly meeting, we will discuss the completed work and the progress that can be seen. The goal is always to have perfect alignment between the SEO efforts and the rest of the business. In the end, your bottom line is the only thing that matters.
SEO For Private Clinic
Local SEO

SEO For Private Clinic

During an 8 month campaign we were able to increase the organic traffic to the site by 230%.

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